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Welcome to Mr Pleks.

Mr Pleks is an interactive tipjar and has nothing to sell in this website.

It's a donation system where you get rewards every time you donate.

Choose from Silver Pleks and/or Gold Pleks that allow you to unlock and download ring tones, mp3 even licenses to use music on your videos without copyright infringrments, and more cool stuff.

To earn Silver or Gold Pleks you must sign in

When you sign in, your information is safe as is an SSL website with certificate by AlphaSSL ®

We accept donations via Paypal® only, BUT you don't need a paypal account to donate. Paypal accepts credit cards too.

Donations aren't refundable. When you donate, credits Silver and/or Gold Pleks into your account instantly, therefore refounds aren't available.

All donations go for development of Mr Pleks, adding new content and features reguraly.

This terms & conditions might change any time without previous notice.

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